Where Does It End?

Though I can never agree with 100% with things people say on media, I would have to agree with this lady on this one. I am a conservative by definition in many ways. The general stereotype is that a conservative is quite hard and closed-minded. As such, interacting and conversing with certain liberals has been one of the most frustrating things I’ve ever done. Why? I’d like to argue that liberals are some of the most close-minded people. As a conservative, I am open to discussion, debate and tolerance much like liberals (as most would assume). Though I may not accept their values as my own or agree with them, I can show respect for one’s opinion. I feel that’s being open-minded. However, whenever I find myself speaking against gay marriages or say that I’m pro-life, the liberals I’ve spoken with call me closed-minded. It made me think. Wait, I was just willing to listen to you and say to each their own, but you made a judgment call on me for my own personal beliefs and opinions.

Seeing things like what’s happening in this video makes me upset. The fact that you “feel” a certain way doesn’t change the truth that you are not. There are things in this life that you cannot “fake it till you make it.” I feel that gender, age, and race are some of those things. I’m sorry, but as a 30-year old, 5 foot Korean-American woman, I cannot just claim that I’m a 4 year-old 6 foot Dutch half boy/dog with one leg because “I feel like it” and expect to be viewed as such. It’s unrealistic and not true. Watching this really does beg the question, “Where does it end?”

There is truth and order in this world that’s been established by God. Without God, there would be no truth. People begin to create their own truths. Very dangerous waters. People are trying too hard in pushing the boundaries of the freedoms we’ve been given. This does not bring more “freedom.” Instead, it ushers in greater disarray and chaos in this world. The answer to that question is simple. There will be no end. One day, we might be expected to tolerate a 40-year old saying they feel like they’re supposed to be with a 6-year old romantically. Something to think about as this world continues to unfold.

First Grade Convos

During Bible class, which was right after science class.

Stephen: Miss Lee, when Jesus comes back I’m going to ask him to give me Saturn’s rings for a hula hoop. I think it’ll be fun.
Me: That would be crazy, but you should totally ask for it.
Stephen: Oh yeah, I’m going to.

Anna’s 3-0

Spending time with friends is no easy task. It’s gotten harder, or at least for me. This year, it’s been the distance. Still, I’m glad my friends still involve me and invite to things. For Anna’s big 3-0, we headed out for Gangneung and it was a great decision. Really enjoyed reconnecting and just learning more from my friends. Enjoyed the times of laughter. Most of all, I simply enjoyed being there with them.

First Grade Convos

Gavin: Miss Lee, I love school so bad.
Me: I love that you love school.
Gavin: Like I love school so bad. I want to stay here all day.
Stephen: Yeah, it would be cool if we could sleep here. Like if we had our homes on top of the school.
Me: (super cheesing)