First Grade Convos

We were talking about something I had recently watched on Planet Earth II. As usual, we somehow got onto the topic of pregnancy where the conversation revealed a lot about what my kids know about babies:

I: I don’t want to have a baby.
J: Me too.
B: My mommy told me that when I came out, I came out of her down here (as he points)
I: It’s gonna hurt.
J: (cringes and shudders)
E: Do daddies have to be in the room when the mommy gives birth?
Me: Well, it depends on each dad. Some dads stay in the room to watch. Some dads just stay in the room to hold mommy’s hand.
S: Oh, I won’t stay in the room with her.
Me: But what if she really wanted you there? Needed your help?
E: (sigh) I guess I would have to if she really wants me there.

Makes me smile. These kinds of convos with my first graders.


First Grade Convos

During our science lesson on life cycle of a chick.

I: When birds get married, they make egg.
Me: Oh no, boys and girls, birds don’t get married.
I: (gasp) They no marry and come and have baby? (gasp)
E: Wait, so they just meet and have a baby? Really?

I can’t stop smiling as genuine shock is on every face in the classroom 😀

First Grade Convos

During Bible class, which was right after science class.

Stephen: Miss Lee, when Jesus comes back I’m going to ask him to give me Saturn’s rings for a hula hoop. I think it’ll be fun.
Me: That would be crazy, but you should totally ask for it.
Stephen: Oh yeah, I’m going to.

First Grade Convos

Gavin: Miss Lee, I love school so bad.
Me: I love that you love school.
Gavin: Like I love school so bad. I want to stay here all day.
Stephen: Yeah, it would be cool if we could sleep here. Like if we had our homes on top of the school.
Me: (super cheesing)

First Grade Convos

We pray for various topics as we look through the morning news. Morning news is a time where I share different current events from fun ones like Puppybowl to more serious ones like the attacks in Syria. At the end of class, we’ll pray and here are some of the things I love hearing these from my first graders:

CS: Miss Lee, what about the Syrians? We forgot to pray for them. Can I pray for them?
Me: Of course. Could you please pray for their safety and protection.

JE: Miss Lee, you forgot to pray for Jesus to come back soon so we can fix this world. Can I pray for that?
Me: (smiling) You’re right. We need to pray for Jesus to come back soon. Pray for us.

Oh my heart.

First Grade Convos

One day, we somehow got into the topic of the end times. So, I whipped out my NIV and started reading straight out of it as the kids said their ‘whoas’ and ‘no ways’. Then, I got all preachy:

Me: All right, who’s got cavities right now?
Kids: (half of them raise their hands) I do!
Me: Well, guess what? In heaven, there are no cavities! Boom!
Kids: (double fist pumping in the air) YEEESSSSS!!!!!
Me: Who’s wearing glasses in here?
PJ: I have glasses.
Me: Can you see well without them?
PJ: No, not really.
Me: Well, guess what? In heaven, our friend won’t need any glasses to see.
Kids: (double fist pumping in the air) YEEEAAAAHHHH!!!!

Mad cheesin’