Mountains for Days

Almost a year later, back at Jirisan. A stark difference from the previous year where it was filled with sunshine and clear skies. Made it perfect to view the sunset and peruse the night sky for shooting stars. This year however, proved to be filled with trials that really made it the most mentally difficult hike personally. Granted it was sunny and a tad windy in the beginning, it started off with a light and happy note. As we progressed to the top, the weather decided to play some not so fun games as it sent down rain, snow and yes hail. At this, immediately, I got upset with God. The easiest one to blame when weather seems to go astray. “What’s the deal?! My goodness. Cut us some slack will ya?!,” was my reaction. Not proud of it, but I was tired of it. Every hike or trip I’ve gone on this year failed miserably in the weather department making the journeys less enjoyable. And by this point I had had it. I trudged along with my mind’s misery to the top yet trying to be as encouraging as possible for my friends who braved along. After a few painstaking hours of hiking in the awful conditions, we made it to the top with yet another disappointing view. Tired, cold and hungry, we eat our meal and try to stay as warm as possible. Around 7pm, we attempt to watch the sunset to meet yet another disappointment. Couldn’t see a darn thing. The tipping point was the splitting headache that came into full force soon after. All I wanted was to pull my brain out so it would stop hurting. With the help of some prayers and what I cynically believe the more beneficial tylenols, the headache slowly subsided and I was able to somewhat function. Then of course, sleep. Sleep did not come easily that night as I had to switch from one position to the next on the hard wooden floor with a lingering headache. So yeah, what’s the deal?

Went into thinking mode. This thought came across my mind. You stopped asking. Became too accustomed to receiving free passes on “minor” things like good weather and good health. A habit created to simply expect things from god without ever asking. I stopped asking. Somewhere along the way, my thank you’s became too repetitive and rehearsed with no heartfelt intention. true appreciation lost. Finding the need to rediscover the heart behind the thanksgiving. Relearning how to genuinely ask again.

A note. The following day was absolutely gorgeous. The time spent at the top was also quite worth it. Realizing that faith is what will take me through all sorts of weather life will throw at me.



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