This movie really surprised me. God speaks to me a lot in movies. He spoke heaps in this one. From the beginning when as a little girl, the ocean chose her. No sailing experience. No experience in defeating bad guys. No experience in convincing a demi-god to man up and return the heart of te fiti. No true merit to have qualified her. Just chosen. Though she was unaware as she grew up, she continued to stay chosen. The ocean didn’t just change its mind. It waited for her to realize the truth about herself.

As she started accepting the truth, she became bold and fearless. She was willing to risk everything to finish the race that was before her despite the obstacles. She made mistakes. She learned from them. She grew more confident. That zeal seemed unstoppable. Like it does for us when we first start to believe in God. We feel unstoppable. Until we start to doubt in the face of defeat, which is what happened with Moana. When confronted with a battle unwon, she begins to doubt and question why the sea would choose someone like her. I do this often.

To prove that a journey should never be done alone, in comes grandma ray. With a little help from her, courage returns. One of those ridiculous kinds. The kind that makes you throw yourself back into the battle you just lost. The kind that makes you rethink the situation and tackle it differently. The kind that begins to believe that you were chosen for a reason.

When I grow up I want to be like Moana. She is brave. She is adventurous. Willing to take risks. Thoroughly enjoyed watching her journey of courage as she sailed into the unknown waters. She’s my imaginary hero. Man, she’s so cool!


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